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高薪招聘ERP顾问 Senior Consultant [发布时间2013年2月26日]

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We are an italian consulting company who provide Infor ERP Ln consulting service. Now we have one open position as below:

Senior consultant

Job location: Shanghai

Job responsibility:
•        Business process AS IS and TO BE analysis
•        Operational training to ERP users and periodically report the training result
•        Preparation of User manual based on project implementation and customer business procedure
•        Support the users with their applications to the ERP system.
•        Solve the technical problems on ERP system.
•        Co-work with colleagues as a team member, perform tasks assigned by supervisor.

•        MBA, Bachelors/Masters in domain knowledge of Supply Chain Management or Manufacturing
•        Minimum 2-3 years experience in Infor ERP Ln (Baan) systems systems or other international ERP software
•        Good domain knowledge in manufacturing or supply chain planning areas
•        Problem-solution approach to customer
•        Strong communication skills in English and good presentation/communication skills;
•        Team player and good cooperation
•        Fluent in English spoken & written
•        Experience in a global manufacturing or consulting industry are preferred
•        Available to travel

If you have interest on this job position, please send your Chinese and English CV to us.


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