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Title: BaaN Consultant
Location:Guangzhou or Shenzhen
Take over maintenance of an existing BAAN system here in South China.  
Help analyze the system, structure and process of the factory which are supported in the system.
10- 15 years of experience, preferably in high tech manufacturing (esp. chip manufacturing)
Extensive experience maintaining/implementing BAAN system
Able to travel, support long stays on location
Assist in pricing and setting up connectivity (virtual leased or leased line) between Chinese factory and US operations, and related networking, testing and support work
must speak fluent English, be willing to work some evenings, and work on deadline.
should have experience with the following modules:
1. DEM control (User account creation and security maintenance)
2. Baan common data (Master data maintenance for system, customer, supplier and material)
3. Baan Finance (GL,AP(RMB & Plant transfer),AR, cash management)
4. Baan Warehousing (Inventory management)
5. Baan Order management (Pricing control, sales and purchase management)
6. Baan Manufacturing (Engineering data management, BOM control and production order control)
7. Baan Enterprise Planning (Planning control – MRP)
8. Baan Central invoicing (Post invoicing)
9. Baan tools (Job management, audit table management…)

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